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Sue's Home Page

My Special Place!


My name is Sue Copeland and I'm the owner of Costume World, a costume shop in Michigan City, Indiana.  I have over 1,000  costumes available for rent there!

I'm the mother of two terrific children, a thirteen year old son, and a four year old daughter, and  I have a wonderful husband named Billy.  I also have a white poodle named Sheba, a mouse named Lucky, and a black Tennessee Walking horse named "Sis".  

My favorite things to do are using my computer, surfing the internet, and collecting beanie babies...especially the bears.  I've collected too many, actually, so I may be putting some of them up for sale here in the future. 

My husband loves Early Bronco's and we now have a terrific 1975 Bronco FOR SALE in Michigan City, IN.   Click Here to see a picture and description of it. 

My Favorite Links


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