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Costume World's logo on the outside of the building.

     About Us

          Our History 

Costume World began in October, 1986 as a small costume rental shop with an inventory of only 15 costumes and a few masks.  It was opened that first Halloween in a small room in Rainbow Trades, which is an antique, furniture, and gift shop.

In October, 1987 the shop was moved to the huge upstairs in Rainbow Trades and inventory was increased to 75 costumes. Rentals included both adult and children's costumes, and a small selection of accessories. 

By 1988 Costume World began renting costumes year around including holiday's such as Easter and Christmas, and in 1989 it started its retail sales department.  A full size coffin at the top of the stairs was added to create a Halloween atmosphere.

The business was expanded yearly, and by 1992 the costume rental inventory was increased to 500 costumes.  In 1994 the shop joined the National Costumers Association (NCA), and the owner has attended three conventions, full of education in all aspects of costuming.  

Costume World has come a long way since its first Halloween  in 1986. Today we offer over 1,000 rental costumes, and a large selection of sales items. We have a billboard on Highway 20, (facing west) across from the American Legion.  Every year we participate in the Michigan City Yuletide Splendor Christmas parade.  Costume World has been featured many times on Bill Landing's "Interesting Individuals" show on Channel 99, our local cable station. Professional model, Toni Simmons, and Kelly Lawson, the previous Miss Duneland and contestant for Miss Indiana, have done a wonderful job modeling our costumes for the shows. 

This web site began in August 1999 and is not yet completed.  Our goal is to eventually show our entire inventory on the site, but for now, there are some pictures linked to the Rental Costumes page.  Please check back often for changes in the next few weeks.  

         Costume World's window decorations from 1998.